THE CUT 2019

Nine amateur competitors have been chosen to go head to head in Atlas Improv Company's theatrical arena. Each week they will be challenged to perform unknown tasks in front of an unforgiving panel of experts. In the end, only one will rise among the rest. Because only one will be victorious. Only one will win a place alongside Madison's greatest improvisers. Only one can survive.


Tickets for upcoming episodes go on sale one week prior to the date of the show
Online ticket sales end at 6PM on the day of the show
A limited number of tickets will be available at the door

Episode I — October 11
Episode II — October 18
Episode III — October 25
Episode IV — November 1
Episode V — November 8
Final Episode — November 15

The CUT Crew


Dan Row

Artistic Director

Laura Gregor

Education Coordinator

Michael Thomas

Business Manager


Stephen Wyeth

Member Since 2014


Status: Cut

Nick Biele

Status: Cut
Nick has been improving for about 2 years and says it's "better than therapy." He's a horror and comic geek who was born in Chicago and raised in Madison, so his sports loyalties are...complicated to say the least. His hope is to bring at least a smidgen of happiness to you while you watch The Cut!
Status: Cut

Will Koebke

Status: Cut
Will spent his early life in Hawaii, Germany, and Australia, but has called Wisconsin his home since the 8th grade. When asked why he likes improv, he said, "I love the collaborative aspect of improv. When you really get on the same page with the rest of the group on stage it's not like anything else." He would like to thank his friends who encouraged him: Charlene, Brendan, Garrett, Paula, and Sophie.
Status: Cut

Kristina Lamb

Status: Cut
A hairstylist from Sun Prairie, Kristina is a multi-talented performer who can sing, play the guitar, ukulele, piano and who is currently learning how to play the bagpipes! She enjoys improv because she loves making people laugh, falling into characters, and losing herself in the performance. She would like to thank everyone, especially her friends and her daughter Zivia.

Alex Orchard

Alex is an IT professional from Lake Mills, WI who enjoys playing D&D in his spare time. When asked why he'd like to win The Cut, he said "Improv is one of the most fun and satisfying things I've done, and I want to be able to do it all the time in front of audiences that enjoy what I do." He would like to thank his girlfriend, Aliana: "She's great and very supportive of me. I love her."
Status: Cut

Anjalie Schlaeppi

Status: Cut
Anjalie is a PhD student from the French part of Switzerland who studies the early heartbeats of embryos. She wants to win The Cut both to make her mother proud and to get the opportunity to do improv all the time. She lists her prowess as a good team player as one of her greatest improv strengths and hopes to win by being 100% in the present moment onstage.
Status: Cut

Paul Smirl

Status: Cut
Paul is a writer and communications professional who is also working his way through dental school. In his free time, Paul enjoys making music and has performed all across the country. He loves improv for its ability to surprise people, to surprise himself, and to discover stories and characters.

Taylor Truttmann

Born and raised in Green Bay, Taylor Truttmann is a loyal Wisconsinite. She has many interests including reading, running, and learning Spanish, but what possibly gets her fired up the most is anime! Taylor was inspired to start taking improv classes when she saw her cousin shine on stage at The Cut last year. She now gets to experience that same spark of magic and nonsense that he had.

Eli Wilz

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Eli is a graduate student at UW who is pursuing a degree in Environmental Observation and Informatics. Eli hopes to win The Cut using his ability to rise to the occasion when things get competitive. When asked who he'd like to thank, Eli responded, "My dad and mom, Jim and Melissa, and my brother and sister, Graham and Della; for being my first audience, often against their wishes."

Status: Cut

Bruce Witzenburg

Status: Cut
Bruce comes to Madison by way of Des Moines, IA, and now works as a web developer and administrator in addition to working on his own cryptocurrency startup. When asked his greatest strength going into the competition, Bruce says, "I've never really had a greatest strength. Thus I have learned to adapt to my lack of greatest strength making me more awesome at everything." Bruce would like to thank his amazing wife Colleen and his fantastic dog, Pavlov.